Our Story 

Humble beginnings, sustainable sources, and a honey with a vision

To understand Her Pony and what we stand for, we have to go back to the start - where it all began. The company was born from an inherited love of sewing, an individual’s talent for seeking out vintage and seeing the potential of what op shop treasures could become, and a creative flair for design. 

The company was founded by Lauren Stein in 2010 when Her Pony first started turning heads in the hustle and bustle of Melbourne’s Camberwell Market. But in reality, Lauren started designing in high school long before that, where she first began altering jeans and op shop finds for her friends to wear to school.

Lauren then became the fairy godmother of secondhand clothing, turning Nineties floral dresses into signature two-piece sets, pairing bold ‘60s retro prints with ‘70s stripes, and unexpected textiles like crochet blankets and vintage sunflower sheets were stitched into brand new delights. Each upcycled garment altered by hand, her love for fashion poured into each stitch, to hold a certain spark.

After opening the first highly successful shop in Melbourne, Lauren moved to Bali where she fell in love with the culture and the people. Shortly after, she opened the ‘Bali Hub’ - where she found a way of supporting the local artisans as the brand continued to grow. Still today, this little hub is where your garments are carefully hand stitched and sewn into the packages of goodness that land on your doorstep.

A big action can be as simple as a good choice. We make ours count for the planet and its people.

We’ve Partnered with i=Change to Donate $1 From Every Order to a Life-changing cause. Learn more here